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2012   Chopin Society Sponsorship

Diamond Level - $10,000 and up

Platinum Level - $5,000 and up

Halina and Alek Szlam
Philanthropic Foundation

Gold Level - $2,500 and up Silver Level - $1,500 and up

Bronze Level - $750 and up

Ciena Communications, Inc.
Linda and Marty Merkler
Maja and Robert Netolicka
Anna and Richard Pare’ –
         - Dermatology Consultants,P.C.
Pelypenko Law Firm, P.C.
Jodie and Barry Sobel
Evelyn and Mark Wilson

Friend Level - $500 and up

Angela and Phil Blusiewicz
Thomas Wheeler Harris Linkage Solutions, Inc.

Special Member Level - $250 and up AT&T Foundation
Dorota and Piotr Folkert
David Fox
Elzbieta and Krzysztof Krawczynski
Barbara and Teofil Leszczynski
Elizabeth Mikrut
Renata and Pawel Pliszka

Mark Spiegel
Anna and Joseph Standish
Quasar, Inc.

Contributors – under $250

Emilia Biernat
Amy D. Morris Interiors
Jeanette and Jerry Boerner
John Cahill
Eve and Murat Corluyan
Denise Gaddis
Susan Larson
Jana Lynn
Milton and Beverly Stahl Philanthropic Fund
Steve Schulwolf
Michael Weinstock In Kind Sponsors

Art and Piano
Master Piano

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