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Chopin in Art Contest

Chopin and His Europe

Fryderyk Chopin’s first foreign trip was in 1828 to Berlin, where he admired the opera theater and heard the works of Handel and Spotini. Then he took a trip to Vienna, where he met distinguished musicians and was himself recognized as a pianist. He eventually made Paris his second home, with occasional travels to Majorca, Spain, and London, never to return to his beloved Warsaw. All those eventful and memorable travels had a powerful impact on Chopin as an artist and as a human being. What famous musicians and artists did he meet in those foreign cities? What concerts did he attend? What inspirations did he bring back? Get inspired yourself, and turn these travels into an exciting piece of art. To learn more about Chopin’s life, go to:

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Fryderyk Chopin - Polish Composer of the Romantic Era

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