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2017   Chopin Society Sponsorship
Platinum Level - $5,000 and up
Halina and Aleksander Szlam
Philanthropic Foundation
Anna and Richard Paré for
the Elżbieta and Krzysztof Krawczyński Fund
Gold Level - $2,500 and up
Asad Bashey
Bronze Level - $750 and up
R. Lawrence Ashe, Jr.
Lori and Richard Hamrick
Elizabeth Mikrut
Maja and Robert Netolicka
Pelypenko Law Firm, P.C.
Joseph H. Rosen Immigration Law Group, P.C.
Jodie and Barry Sobel
Andrew Strauss
Shelly and Mark Wilson

Friend Level - $500 and up

Maria and Michal Adamczyk
Angela and Phil Blusiewicz
Joanna and Marcin Krauz
Valentina and Howard Osofsky

Special Member Level - $250 and up

Barbara and Mark Bugajski
Susan and Frederick Miller
Urszula and Sri Nori
Renata and Pawel Pliszka
Barbara and Mariusz Sobański
Beverly and Mickey Stahl
Susan Wagner-Craven
Donna Weinstock

Contributors – under $250

Thomas Adkins
Lisa Carvalho
Patrycja and Slawomir Horodyski
Diane Johnson & Associates, Inc.
Barbara and Teofil Leszczyński
Kim and Greg Marks

In Kind Sponsors

Art and Piano

Benefits of
Donations in honor of
Drs. Elżbieta and Krzysztof Krawczyński
Drs. Elżbieta and Krzysztof Krawczyński