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2020  Chopin Society Sponsorship * Donations made in honor of Drs. Elżbieta and Krzysztof Krawczyński
Diamond Level - $10,000 and up
Mary and Larry Montgomery
Anna and Richard Paré for
the Elżbieta and Krzysztof
Krawczyński Fund
Platinum Level - $5,000 and up
Asad Bashey
Halina and Aleksander Szlam
Philanthropic Foundation
Gold Level - $2,500 and up
Barbara Bugajska Philanthropic Fund
Silver Level - $1,500 and up
Wendy and Neal Aaroson

Bronze Level - $750 and up

R. Lawrence Ashe, Jr.
Ginny and Charles Brewer*
Vanessa and Robin Delmer*
Michelle Juneau*
Joanna and Marcin Krauz
Elizabeth and Zygmunt Mikrut
Maja and Robert Netolicka*
Marek Maria Pienkowski
Jeanmarie and Alan Quarterman*
Carolyn and Bill Shiverick*
Shelly and Mark Wilson

Friend Level - $500 and up

Melanie and Stan Benecki*
Angela and Phil Blusiewicz
Dennis Dean*
Phoebe and Jim Howard*
Sucie and Hardie Jackson*
Barbara and Julian Sparkes*
Sara and John Shlesinger*
Jana Simmons*
Libby and Frampton Simons*
Barbara and Mariusz Sobański
Magdalena Tulibacka

Special Member Level - $250 and up

Maria and Michał Adamczyk
Tom Adamkiewicz
Diana Conway*
Miles Graivier*
Malgorzata and Arthur Grigorian*
Mona and Abhay Joshi
Bozena and Bogdan Kolodynski*
The Lookout Foundation*
Lisa and Jeff Martin*
Beth and David Park*
Beverly and Milton Stahl
Sandra and Michal Wiśniewski
Dina and John Varner*

Contributors – under $250

Miriam Dent*
Mary Delmer*
Ryan Flynn
Bessie and John Gregg*
Mim and Steve Pottle*

Benefits of
Donations in honor of
Drs. Elżbieta and Krzysztof Krawczyński
Drs. Elżbieta and Krzysztof Krawczyński
Donate to support
Summer Music Classes for Atlanta Youths
in Radziejowice Palace